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Simple e-commerce easy to use and that inspire trust?
We are experts in the most common and used e-commerce platforms as Magento™ Enterprise and Demandware™.

Together with enterprise online selling platforms, we offer custom-fit solutions to monitor your clients' behaviour and improve the purchasing process of your website.

We are able to increase your sales by more than 30% percent over the period of a year, as reported by some of our clients.

Customer Sentiment

Online shopping is an unstoppable ever growing trend. Without face-to-face rapport, the 'product' is no longer intended as a mere object to buy, but as the entire collection of the purchase experience. It is not enough to have good products on show.

The product must excel in simplicity of information access, speed of procedure and customer care pre and post sale.

With our advanced instruments we are able to evaluate which aspects of the 'Customer Sentiment' are improvable and can assure your company higher conversions.

App Development

We are lovers of Mac and iOS but we also develop applications on the Android platform.

Through the knowledge and the utilisation of software and innovative frameworks like Titanium™ we are able to reduce the time to market and to publish your apps in a much shorter timeframe compared to a traditional development workflows.

Same code for different platforms. Same code to change during updates or ordinary maintenance.

Reach your clients before your competitors do!

System Integration

Have you spent lots of money on software that are not able to be integrated?

Continue to use your favourite software and let us take care of the black magic.

No need to use Excel anymore. We will take care of the impossible data marriages.

Accessible Design

We use PCs to code software. But what about browsing the internet or buy goods online?

What do your clients utilize? What do you use in first person? Smartphone or Tablet?
For any need your clients may have, NUBITS will produce websites and web apps that can be used and are accessible from any device.

E-commerce Management

We will take care of all the maintenance tasks of your e-commerce like checking the publication of your products, stock management and server optimisation of server where your e-commerce are installed.

Use your time to improve relationships with your customers.
We will improve the relationships between your customers and your website.

Latest Projects

What we like to do. What we have already done.

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EXPO2015 Official App

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Marco Mengoni

Interactive Concert App

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B2B E-commerce Platform

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B2C and B2B E-commerce Platform

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B2B E-commerce Platform


Our short story, in brief.

  • Nasce NUBITS

    March 2014

    NUBITS is established

    In partnership with Nuvò, NUBITS comes into the digital world as an innovation lab and solution provider for any digital creativity need.

  • Edenred Netcom Awards

    April 2015

    The Edenred e-commerce get awarded by the Netcomm eCommerce Award 2015

    Another award for the NUBITS team. The advanced e-commerce platform B2B implemented for our client EDENRED gets the 2015 Award for the "Insurances and other services" category.

  • App ufficiale Marco Mengoni

    May 2015

    Interactive music tour for Marco Mengoni

    NUBITS partecipate to the development of the official Marco Mengoni App through which fan form an integral part of the show.

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